Real Estate Law

Our law firm is ready to provide you with legal assistance when conveying real property. We can draft contracts to purchase apartments, buildings or plots of land (including preliminary purchase contract or reservation contracts), contracts to transfer a cooperative interest, as well as lease and sublease contracts, or e.g. donation contracts or contracts on easement).

If you have been presented with a draft contract, we will readily comment on the provisions of the contract, analyse the compliance of the draft contract with the applicable legislation, or assess any risks that the draft contract may entail; having considered the circumstances and analysed the draft contract, we may propose amendments to such a contract in order to align the contract with the applicable legislation and to make sure that your rights and legitimate interests are protected. We will enter any changes we deem appropriate or necessary directly into the draft contract (in the Track Changes mode) explaining in detail what they mean and why they are important so that they can be directly discussed with the other party.

Should you need more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.